How to Transition Your Winter Booties to Spring

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If you are like me then you absolutely love booties! I definitely don’t want to stop wearing them now that the weather is going to start turning warmer so here are some tips on taking those booties from winter into spring.
A fun way to style your booties for spring is to wear them with shorts and tights like the outfit below. However, if you don’t want to wear tights that’s fine too I just think they really pull this look together. When wearing this look make sure your top really says spring like this floral print sleeveless top.




Another way to style your booties is to wear them with a cute sundress. This look really works with a more casual style of booties like these fringe booties. This look works best when the hem of the dress falls above the knee. You could also substitute the dress for a top and skirt if you’d like.




Thanks for reading. If you have anymore suggestions for how to transition your booties to spring please leave a comment.


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