How to be the Best Dressed Wedding Guest

Wedding season is upon us and it seems like there is a wedding every other weekend. And if you are like me you have a hard time deciding what to wear. I am constantly thinking “Will I be comfortable in this?” “Is this outfit appropriate for the location?” “Can I dance in this outfit?”
So how do you become the best dressed wedding guest? You follow these simple rules.
1. Know your location. Is it inside or outside? If it is a religious venue there may be a dress code or you may just want to dress more conservatively.
2. Know the weather forecast. Will you need a jacket or a cardigan? How about a cute umbrella?
3. Know the time of day. For daytime weddings light, bright coors and fabrics are appropriate. For evening weddings more subdued tones and heavier fabrics.
4. Know your terrain. You do not want to have the heels of your stilettos sinking into the ground.
5. Know the activities. Will there be dancing? How about games? If you do not know always dress in something you would be comfortable wearing.
6. Know the dress code. Some weddings list a dress code on the invitation. Always follow the dress code you don’t want to be the one person under or over dressed at the wedding. If there is no dress code then you have more freedom but keep in mind the location of the event.
7. Should you dress trendy or more classic. This is really up to you but remember the couple will have these photos for a very long time and you don’t want them looking back and commenting on that outrageous trend you were wearing that day. I like to go with a classic silhouette and add a trendy accessory or two like my shoes or my bag.
Below are some outfits that I have worn to weddings for your inspiration.
P.S. I almost always wear shorts underneath my dresses. It makes me feel more comfortable and one time came in handy because I went to a wedding where we had to sit on hay bales and the shorts were a life saver.
For weddings that I have to travel for an hour or more to I like to wear a top and skirt combo so that I can easily slip on some pants underneath for the ride home.
Below are some different combinations that I have styled.
And the one really big wedding fashion DON’T is wearing white. Never ever ever wear white to a wedding even if you know that the bride isn’t wearing white. It is just very disrespectful and rude. Remember you want to look good but you do not want to take attention away from the bride.

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