My Summer: Both a Blessing and a Curse + A Casual Fall Look

As many of you know I have had the wonderful opportunity to not work this Summer. I am sure that some of you had wished that you could have been off this Summer as well. But don’t feel that way just yet. A big misconception about teachers getting the Summers off is that we get 2 months of paid vacation. Haha yeah I wish! We don’t actually get paid for the Summer. We do get paid during the Summer for work that we did the other 10 months of the year that they spread out over 12 months. Also I am very fortunate to work in an area of the country that actually pays teachers a livable wage which allows me to not have to work in the Summer. But I have not always been so fortunate. When I was teaching in North Carolina I had to have a Summer job as a lifeguard. In fact almost all the teachers I knew in North Carolina had to have a Summer job because of how low our income was. Also right before moving to Houston I was about to have to get a second job during the school year just to support myself. I was living paycheck to paycheck barely and knew if I didn’t do something I wasn’t going to make it.
Now back to my current situation. While being off this Summer allowed me to recuperate from a stressful school year it set me up for a rough start for the next school year. I have been able to sleep as much as I wanted most days and that is about to come to an abrupt end. It will be very difficult to kick that habit. In fact I just bought a special alarm clock that when I press the snooze but it will roll off my nightstand and I will have to chase it to turn the alarm off. That’s going to be fun. Also the chronic boredom over this Summer as allowed me to do a little too much online shopping whoops. So I am ready to get back to a routine and be busy again. But ask me that in about a month or so and I will probably say that I am already ready for the next Summer.
Now on to this gorgeous casual Fall look. The striped lace up shirt and the blue handbag were both purchased during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. (Shop the shirt here) Because I am modest minded and wanted to make this shirt appropriate for work I like to wear a camisole underneath it. I chose a blue camisole to match the blue stripes in the shirt. Unfortunately the blue handbag is sold out. But it is so big and roomy on the inside it will be perfect to use once school starts. (“It’s bigger on the inside” just like another blue object I know haha.)
I paired the shirt with my typical brand of jeans Paige Denim. They are my favorites because of how soft they are. But here’s a little shopping secret. Do not pay full price for a pair of Paige Denim jeans because they run upwards of $200. Instead go to Nordstrom Rack where a lot of the time I find pairs on clearance for like $40.
For my footwear I chose a pair of sandals that match the maroon stripes on the shirt. These shoes are from Modcloth and are currently on clearance. (Snag them here)
Other than that just throw on your favorite jewelry and you are ready to go.IMG_3953 IMG_3952 IMG_3951 IMG_3949 IMG_3948 IMG_3947 IMG_3946 IMG_3945 IMG_3944 IMG_3941 IMG_3938 IMG_3983 IMG_3990 IMG_3991 IMG_3992

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