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How To Take Your Own Photos As A Fashion Blogger + A Cute Fall Outfit

How To Take Your Own Photos As A Fashion Blogger + A Cute Fall Outfit

As a fashion blogger one of the most important aspects of your blog is your pictures. While good photography is important not all fashion bloggers can afford to pay a professional photographer to take all of their pictures.

Here is your “how to” guide on how to take your own photos.

First let’s talk about the necessary equipment.

  1. Choose your equipment carefully. I know there is a big debate between Nikon and Canon about which is the better brand but they are actually relatively the same. The only real difference is that Canon offers cheaper lenses typically. Personally though I shoot with a Nikon.

2. If you can afford it go with a full frame camera over a dual frame camera. Full frame cameras let more light in while dual frame cameras let in less light and slightly crop the image.

3. Invest in a good quality tripod that is easy to adjust. You will be carrying your tripod with you everywhere and if you buy a cheap one it will fall apart.

4. Buy a prime lens. I highly recommend a 38mm lens with a 1.8 fstop. When I did my initial research everyone said to get the 50mm lens but I found that I had to stand too far away from the camera to get a full body shot and it was hard to really see the details in my outfits. After purchasing the 38mm I have been very pleased.

5. Purchase a wireless remote for you camera. Fortunately if you go with a Nikon camera they sell a remote that works with basically all of their models. I am not sure about Canon or any other brands though.

Now on to the actual photo taking process.

1. Location is everything.

You might be wearing the cutest outfit but if your background is bad it will effect the whole photo. I used to take my photos right outside my apartment in front of some garages but over the Summer I started taking my photos in different locations and it has really made a huge difference.

2. Take the time to get good photos.

No matter how much you might want to rush through and get your shoot over with really take the time to get the shots you want you will thank yourself for it later.

3. Adjust your tripod.

It’s very difficult to get all the shots and angles you need if you become lazy and decide to just tilt your camera instead of actually adjusting the height of your tripod.

4. Don’t be afraid of people staring at you.

People will stare its their natural curiosity. In fact some will even approach you and ask what you are doing. Most bloggers suggest making up some excuse like you’re a photography student or whatever but I think that’s a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to gain new readers. Of course if someone is creepy you might want to make up a different excuse or even remove yourself from the area.

5. It will take a while before you become truly happy with your photos.

Just like with any other skill it takes time and practice to become proficient. You might hate your first few photos and feel like taking your own photos was a mistake but you will get better I promise. I started out not knowing anything about photography and now when people ask me who takes my photos I love seeing the shock on their faces when I tell them it’s just me and my tripod.

6. Don’t shoot in Auto mode.

It took me almost a year to learn this one but it has made a huge difference. You might want to start in auto mode for your first few shoots but take a look at the settings that your auto mode selects and use those as a guide when you switch to manual mode.

7. Do your best to hide your wireless remote when shooting but hey if the picture turns out really good but you can see the tiny little remote I wouldn’t worry about it.

Since the remotes are typically very small you can hide it be simply holding it in your closed hand or holding your hand behind your back.

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