Why Neutrals Don’t Really Matter

Yes you read that right while neutrals can play an important role in balancing an outfit they aren’t always necessary. So how can you put an outfit together without using neutrals? Just keep reading to find out.

1. Make sure that the colors you use compliment each other. For example, I went with all “cool” colors for this outfit and did not mix in any warm colors except in the print of the shorts. That’s usually a good rule of thumb when putting colors together. Either stick with all cool colors or all warm colors and be careful when mixing tones.

2. Stick to mostly solid colors and add maybe one item with a pattern but no more than one. Both my top and cardigan are solid colors but I paired them with some fun printed shorts. And yes, the colors of my top and cardigan can be found in the print of the shorts. Which I highly recommend when picking a patterned item.

3. Go easy on your accessories. Going overboard on your accessories can cause your outfit to look too busy. So go with a few simple items to accessorize your outfit.

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know in the comments any other “How To’s” you would like me to do. Thank you for reading.

STAY COLORFUL! – Classical Trendsetter

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