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Joey’s Adoption Story + A Cute Puppy Themed Outfit

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Today marks the three year anniversary of our dog Joey’s adoption from the Houston SPCA. So to celebrate I put together this cute look and I’m sharing the story of his adoption.

First of all I absolutely love dogs and would probably have about 50 of them if I could. So once I graduated college I immediately wanted to get a dog.

I was already engaged to my husband at the time and he and my mom were some how able to talk me into waiting until after we got married to get a dog. So as soon as the honeymoon was over I started begging my husband to let me get a dog but he kept asking me to wait.

We were currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina at the time and I was actually really wanting a corgi. I even had a breeder lined up and everything to get a puppy from.

Then all of a sudden 6 months into our marriage I got offered a job teaching orchestra in Houston, Texas. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse as I would be making more my first year teaching there than I could after teaching for more than 30 years in North Carolina.

So within a week my husband and I packed up our apartment and moved to Houston. It only took about 2 weeks before I started asking my husband about getting a dog again. Finally after a month of begging he let me start looking for the perfect pup.

We decided on getting a rescue dog because of the high amount of homeless pets here in Houston. We must have visited with at least a dozen rescue organizations. Most of them would not allow us to adopt because we were first time pet owners as I had only had pets as a child. Which on a side note I get their apprehension but I grew up on a farm and even used to breed Golden Retrievers with my sister so I probably knew more about taking care of a dog than most of their prospective pet parents.

So after coming up with all of those dead ends I started visiting the local pet shelters. I remember going in a couple of them and just leaving in tears because of all the pets who didn’t have a home. Finally I made my last stop at the Houston SPCA. 

I was in their small dog and puppy area when this little lanky pup kept catching my eye. He was very shy but so loving at the same time. I immediately called my husband who was at work and told him I had finally found the one and for him to come see it. 

The next day while I was at work Ryan went and saw him and gave me the go ahead to adopt him on my way home. I couldn’t leave work fast enough. I was so worried someone else would adopt him before I got there. Fortunately, he was still there when I arrived and I quickly scooped him up signed the papers and took him to his new forever home.

Below is a photo I took the day we adopted Joey.

A little back story on Joey’s journey to the Houston SPCA.

Joey was found by the SPCA when he was only three months old. He was living homeless on the streets in the middle of the sweltering Houston Summer. I can’t even imagine what he must’ve had to do to survive. The SPCA told us that they found him eating a rat of all things! EWWW! He had been at the SPCA for a week when we adopted him and only weighed 7 pounds when we adopted him at 3 months old.

Now Joey is roughly 35 pounds still lanky but just as sweet as the day we got him. He loves belly rubs and snuggles. His favorite toys are treat puzzles and anything he can chew on. His favorite activity is giving out tons of kisses. Like tons my husband says he just can’t hold his “licker”. Haha get it 🙂 .

Please consider adopting the next time you’re looking for a new furry family member. You won’t regret it. I know we don’t.

Also consider making a donation to the ASPCA. They do so much for homeless and and abused animals.

Make a donation to the ASPCA.

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