I Finally Found “The One” / How To Wear A Maxi Dress

I did it!!! I finally found the one! The one perfect maxi dress. And boy was it a difficult search. I have been searching for the perfect maxi dress for years with no luck. Every time I found one that I liked it was too short. Now I’m not that tall I’m only 5’8″ even though that’s considered tall I’m on the shorter end of tall. But my other problem was that when I found one that was a good length I hated the way it looked.

However I kept my standards high and refused to buy a maxi dress that was less than perfect because I knew I wouldn’t wear it if I were to compromise. Thankfully my patience finally paid off and I found this gorgeous maxi dress by Parker at Nordstrom Rack. It was originally a $300 dress but I snagged it for under $100!

Now once you find your perfect maxi dress here are some simple rules for looking your best.

1. Don’t compromise on the fit or design of your dress find something that works perfect for your body type.

2. If the pattern of your dress is big and bold go simple with your accessories. Or if your dress is simple go bold with your accessories.

3. Wear shoes that let the dress fall to the perfect length. What is the perfect length? The hem of the dress should just graze the ground or hang just above the ground.

4. BE CONFIDENT! Remember you are beautiful no matter what you wear.

Shop This Look:

(Unfortunately I couldn’t find this dress online at Nordstrom Rack but I will link a similar one from the same brand.)

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