How I Get My Clothes Ready For Work. With Faultless Premium Ironing Spray

This post has been sponsored by Faultless Brands. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Getting my clothes ready for work can take a little bit of time, but I have found several ways to make the process much easier and faster.

First, I pick out my clothes the night before to save time in the mornings.

Next, I make sure my clothes look great and are ready for wear. And yes, that means ironing my clothes so they are wrinkle free. I use Faultless® Premium Ironing Spray when ironing to make the process easier and to improve the look and feel of my clothing. Faultless Ironing Spray may not be available in all areas, but the same company also makes Niagara and Magic Ironing Sprays. You can find them all on Below, I will show you my ironing process.

Here are my “BEFORE” ironing photos of my chosen shirt.

You can see just how wrinkled it is and it would be completely inappropriate for work.

My first step in ironing my shirt is to lay it smoothly across my ironing board. Then, I lightly spray it with the ironing spray. I love that I can attain a professional look without the professional price by using this ironing spray, which is actually the same thing that dry cleaners use. The ironing spray is a fraction of the price of professional laundering.

After that, I gently run the iron across the shirt on the correct heat setting to smooth out the wrinkles. Before I used Faultless Ironing Spray, it would take me forever to get the wrinkles completely out, but with the spray, it takes literally like 10 seconds.

Once I’m done with that section, I just move on to the next section and continue each step until I’m done. Below are the after photos of the shirt. As you can see, the wrinkles are completely gone as if a professional had pressed the shirt. And guess what? It only took me about 2 minutes. Plus, the shirt feels so soft and comfy to wear. The fabric is not stiff at all.

Now that I am finished making sure my clothes are picked out and wrinkle free, I’m able to wake up the next morning stress free and know that I will look professional and well put together.

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